Highlights of the Bald Ridge Aggregate Project


Over 200 million tons of identified geological reserves;
Direct access to a deep water port;
Hydro-electric plant - Purple Lake (3900kw/h) on the north side of the project area;
Available labor force;
No Local or State taxes and other incentives that benefit outside businesses looking to venture into the Community;
Engineering and geological studies completed and available for review;
Preliminary marketing studies completed;
Creation of the Metlakatla Aggregate & Construction Co;
Draft Project Plan completed March 2003;
Environmental Assessment completed in 2004;


Metlakatla Indian Community Highlights

Founded in 1887, recognized by the U.S. Congress in 1891.
Only Federal Indian Reservation in Alaska.
Population: Approximately 1200
Primary industries:
Local government (M.I.C.)
Timber (L.P. Sawmill closure in 1997)
Metlakatla Indian Community governed my 12 Tribal Council members elected by voting Tribal members.


Why is the Metlakatla Indian Community Interested?

Long-term sustainable development.
Diversify the local economy.
Provide direct and in-direct jobs.
Provide revenue to M.I.C.
Create secondary economic and social benefits. (jobs, businesses, infrastructure)
Environmentally sound project.


Project History


Studies began in 1998 for assessment of aggregate resources for Walden Point Road.
Further studies in southern part of island for aggregate potential.
Bald Ridge area selected as area with most potential for aggregate production.
Site includes hydroelectric plant, deep-water harbor, and quality rock for aggregate.
Summer 1999: surface sampling and testing prove favorable rock in Bald Ridge area.
1999: Market study reveals need in West Coast markets.
Jan. ’00 and summer 2000: exploration drilling program recovering nearly 6000’ of drill core.
2001: Master’s of Engineering report completed outlining areas of quality rock for aggregate.
2002: Continued engineering evaluation and beginning environmental assessment for large scale quarry at Bald Ridge.
2003: Permitting and project promotion.
2004: Environmental Assessment
2004: FONSI
2004: Mining Operations and Reclamation Plan.